Whoever You Are (Single)


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On February 14th 2013. Brooklyn bred MC/vocalist/songwriter & producer CONQUEST releases his 1st RADIO SINGLE of 2013 off his latest album "RADICAL DEPARTURE" called 'WHOEVER YOU ARE', produced by D. STEELE for DANIEL STEELE MUSIC: soundcloud.com/DSteeleMusic. 'WHOEVER YOU ARE' is a melodic hip hop record with ambient, soul & funk elements with lyrics that detail CONQUEST'S desire for a courtship that will blossom into marriage, even after past relationship failures. The chorus name drops artists/celebrities such as MELANIE FIONA to SUZY ROCK to MEAGAN GOOD as the kind of woman CONQUEST has been attracted to in the past, yet maintains his strong desire for the woman that God has for him. 'WHOEVER YOU ARE' also includes the voice of vocalist, poet, MC & CONQUEST'S muse for the last verse of the album version of this song: South African native Ashleigh Davids. (Also included is the B-SIDE 'SHATTERED GLASS' which is the prequel of sorts to 'WHOEVER YOU ARE'. It's produced by TOP RANK for BEAT COUNCIL PRODUCTIONS)

I’ve been caught up in this whirlwind
Been tossed back and forth, don’t need another girlfriend
To turn my spirit into shattered glass
Matter of fact, it’s only by god’s grace that i haven’t snapped
Not playing Ne-Yo, definitely no Dwele
I rather bump Metallica, than R Kelly’s “12 play"
Forget love, I got an album to write
but this African’s reminding me I wanted a wife
And I’m not trying to be cynic
Or a critic, I just want the real, I don’t need a gimmick
I don’t wanna diss a chick ‘cause my heart’s acidic
To the point that I’m bitter & jaded & hard to live with
Lord knows, I don’t need another mistake
I’m praying for a lover that’s straight
On those long cold winters when the summer’s away
On vacay so I'd say

I wish she had a voice like Melanie Fiona
Even had the style of a Dawn Richard
If she looked like Meagan Good, yo...it would be over
But really I just want whoever you are
I know I’d go for one looking like Kelly Rowland
Even Suzy Rock ‘cause she’s a star
Elle Varner is fly, Frieda Pinto got me open
But really I just want whoever you are

‘Cause I don’t need another fit of rage
Seeing some next dude on my girl’s twitter page (what?!!!)
Dag, I thought you had a winner Jay"
Instead it’s rain on my parade, game’s been delayed
Hey I guess on deaf ears, my petitions fell
Still “I wish her well, man I wish her health"
In the words of Shawn, still I gotta move on
But I took a year off to have my head screwed on
Tighter than before though I met the flyest to the core
I could’ve had in private for the score, livest to explore
can’t rock with a dame who only talks game
& i know my worth, I don’t deserve to be shortchanged
coming up short doesn’t register well
I’m need of a queen so I better excel
‘Cause I think she’s closer than it seems
And I longer have to dream, that...

I’m praying for that sista who will challenge me annually
Know communication’s key even when she’s mad at me
Or vice versa, joy after catastrophe
taking it to the father, how amazing that would be?
How much praying that would need or be the sacrifice
For a star in my universe rarely seen by satellites
Realness, intelligence & grace in it’s orbit
Sexiness so applauded, there’s no way to ignore it
You pray you’re making love ‘til exhausted
Then get your second wind ‘cause she’s everything that was worth the courtship
(She’s) emailing you 40 times in a month
Supportive & descriptive in the lines of each one
Friendship is built, partnership reinforced
& whether life is good or hard to live, she is yours
& God is at the center of the love being pure
& you’re inspired to show her every month she’s adored
Wait, everything I always wanted, I can tell it’s you
Matter of fact, I remember when I fell for you
Singing a love song sweeter than Amel Larrieux’s
To the core, I’m making sure that you’re well pursued
There’s been plenty of sisters that I’ve dreamed of
But even in the way that you’d check me, I’ve seen love
I’m just hating all the distance between us
I’m praying that it’s you, I’ve seen hope, seen trust


released February 14, 2013

'WHOEVER YOU ARE' - Produced, recorded & mixed by D. STEELE for DANIEL STEELE MUSIC & mastered by DON RATNEY. 'SHATTERED GLASS' - Produced by TOP RANK for Beat Council Productions.
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Keith Thomas aka VULTCHA for RATED VG MUSIC at THE PIT in Brooklyn NY.



all rights reserved



The 2012 album “Radical Departure” marks a new musical chapter for Brooklyn based, Trinidadian born emcee/songwriter CONQUEST as an artist & missionary musical evangelist. CONQUEST does unadulterated hip hop music that's mainly East Coast in style & influence with an alternative & soul influence that will be recognized as either ‘Christian hip hop' or 'progressive hip hop made by a Christian'. ... more

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Track Name: Shattered Glass (Album Version)
I was...
up late night watching ‘Coachella’
On ustream, thought my night would go better
‘til I got a skype chat that was no pleasure
From an ex-girlfriend that I so treasured
She’s at ‘Coachella’, she’s such a go-getter
Been a few weeks since we past spoke and...
She’s telling me how she got to meet Frank Ocean
And how his set had her mad open
So I’m waiting for this ‘Radiohead’ performance
And I’m asking her questions that’s in accordance
To the present conversation, I asked who accompanied thee
‘cause all the while, she kept saying ‘we’
She said it was the dude that she dealt with before we started
& suddenly I’m brokenhearted
Thank god that she couldn’t see the pain show
In my eyes as I’m hearing these songs from ‘In Rainbows’
I didn’t know how to react
I’m just taken aback by the fact that she’d taken him back
She said that he treated her bad
Guess love conquered all, I’m a leave it that
And as “Paranoid Android” played
I’m fighting these tears streaming down my face
Another lost love beating down my faith
Another love lost, fleeing out my space
‘cause a couple weeks prior
I was falling for this one chick, what I always wanted
Beautiful, supportive and we talked all the time
But the girl wasn’t mine so we had to draw the line
And with everyday that I’m growing old
To the idea of the love, I am growing cold!
‘cause I’ve given so much of my best
I wonder if there’s anything left

See my heart’s looking like shattered glass
‘cause it’s broken into so many pieces....
I can’t put it back together
only God can make it better, yeah...

Lately I’m so done, I just wanna go dumb
And ‘smash’ every chick I come across and go numb
Losing’ myself within somebody’s skin
Abusing my health within some shoddy sin
I figure having orgasm after orgasm
With my raw talents, life would be more balanced
Forget loving hard, I’m being more callous
Drown my sorrows in this rubber from this torn package
Kick emotional attachment to the curb
Thoughts of a love worth having is absurd
That’s a fantasy world
Crazy and stupid for love, this ‘Ryan Gosling’ doesn’t get the girl
Rather be a player than a serial monogamist
Who’s finishing last with the heartbreak on top of it
But I’m afraid after getting laid for the sixth time in a week
I will see “this is not me"
See I can’t really blame
Every ex that ever came for my self inflicted pain
Though some clearly violated Jason
Certain situations were due to my impatience
Looking back and it’s clear what happened
Less jumping the gun, more prayer and fasting
More asking God “Is this who you got for me"
‘cause anything else is not for me