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Radical Departure (Deluxe Edition)


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Yo, check it Let me take you inside of the mind of what the ‘Quest does I sleep at night with disappointments and bedbugs Roof’s caving in faster than all my dreams and goals And I work a dead end job out in the freezing cold My nose is peeling and reeling from it’s sneezing role Satan’s using all my demons trying to seize my soul Sorry, this ain’t that pimp, player, gangster flow No, there ain’t a chick in my bed looking like Amber Rose This is that “I eat the same crap every night Saving for my studio sessions", that’s my very life Kinda scary right? Dude it’s a scary sight Sometimes I barely eat, never do I rarely write Praying that you download thoughts that God has given me So you’re seeking Christ as savior and your liberty But I’m seeing low downloads and low turnouts Frustration’s got me close to being burnt out I’m sorta like the candle in the wind Trying to stay on fire but I’m unraveling with sin And it questions my confidence And being underrated is becoming less an less of a compliment You can keep that, I don’t need that I need you copping the record, I need feedback Again, sorry if I’m spittin’ with aggression I’m talking 'bout things that often trigger my depression I do a lot of encouraging, lots of supporting Romans 12:10 says that rocks with importance But often, I’m in need of it back Besides the stuff I just rapped, there’s a reason for that I rise & grind hoping it’s my season perhaps Then watch my season collapse and give me reasons to snap With extra demons attached and now this artist is sick And I’m in need of a radical departure from this Cause I can’t do it on my own strength, Lord knows That is the biggest lie, the reason why I gotta crucify on my own flesh, thought so Yeah, conquest must die, The season’s nigh Conquest Must Die, yeah Conquest Must Die, yeah Conquest Must Die, yeah Conquest Must Die Yo, pity parties are wack, I’m more mature within But us encouragers need some encouraging Or lose courage, found often dead Cause suicide finally found a way to throw us off the ledge Not just because of rap, rap was just the last straw Rejection of our love? that we never ask for Was the type to be cool with everybody Til I saw that ain’t the rule with everybody Put myself last until I lacked wisdom Then they act different, now I’m more selfish with my ambition Need to change ‘cause I ought to Plus I’m sick of loving women that I no longer talk to My honesty is coming brutally, truthfully I’m not friendly as I used to be, you’re getting scrutiny I’m still open to it, but to a certain extent It’s either that or feel the hurt, then I vent With every breath in my lung that God allowed me That alone is humbling, shows it’s not about me With all these crosses I bear, I swear I had enough But being Christ like is to be taken advantage of And being willing to do so by example I pray it’s something that my life can handle Cause I’m trying to guard my heart, be grateful & be patient But Jason’s often impatient, I’m real enough to say it I know a lotta y’all are dying for your dream Got fired for your dream & it fries your self esteem Had people walk out when you needed them the most Then you did the same thing ‘cause the demons got too close I know a lotta y’all appreciate my straight talk But this is more than grind, it’s a faith walk Seek the kingdom or my heart is at risk To the point I need a radical departure from this Cause I can’t do it on my own strength, Lord knows That is the biggest lie, the reason why I gotta crucify on my own flesh, thought so Yeah, conquest must die, The season’s nigh Conquest Must Die, yeah Conquest Must Die, yeah Conquest Must Die, yeah Conquest Must Die Cause I can’t do it on my own strength, Lord knows That is the biggest lie, the reason why I gotta crucify on my own flesh, thought so Yeah, Conquest must die, The season’s nigh Conquest Must Die, yeah Conquest Must Die, yeah Conquest Must Die, yeah Conquest Must Die
R.A.G.E. 04:00
This is Revenge Against God's Enemies Through my hip hop & rock tendencies Know you're enemy because he's a... Devil in disguise, straight up... (2x) I apologize in advance For the graphic nature of this song now taking center stage called "R.A.G.E." Columbine wasn't chance It was that behavior of some kid that was fueled by rage & a 12 gauge Angst that annihilated & hurt the innocent Sought their revenge for the whole world to witness it Citizens left for dead, same thing Virginia Tech Might've been different if God was given their revenge So I'll complain & whine as God's son You rather me do that online that with a shotgun Lose my beautiful mind with screws loose to it Screaming 'four letter words" and adding 'you' to it! This ain't venting, this is Verbally Exorcising Negative Tension & it's not done to get attention This is ain't a VENT, it's verbal escapism Free from the bondage that crucifies & rapes millions (Chorus) Speaking of rape, I was almost made victim By a pastor whose stature was made for weight liftin' But I refuse to give the enemy legroom To send me another pastor showing me porn in his bedroom He stood above my bed wearing nothing but a robe I've often fantasized about the cutting on his throat Slit his joint wide open, be like "Wasn't I provoked... to kill this 'Man Of God' before his comin' with his stroke!" Thank God for being there to give me something of a hope Or else Christianity would be nothing but a joke Take note, my 'revenge' is that Christ is real still In spite of that circumstance, now I'm quoting 'Kill Bill' "Revenge is a dish best served cold" To an enemy of God that'll wreck your soul. Dude, I'm 'Dave Grohl', you thought it was the end When my loss was 'Nirvana' for a 'Foo Fighters' revenge (Chorus) This is harsh, but you should listen If Kirk Franklin said 'hello' to 'fear', I'm 'Green Day' screaming 'Good Riddance' 'cause I'm having the time of my life, dying to Christ It broadens my horizons to write Before my life meets a tragic ruin And your at my grave saying "Yo, Jay is a sweetheart, what happened to him?" "And why he let those 'phantoms' screw him... saying he wants to shoot himself, hmmm, there's a gun, I'll hand to him" 'cause the devil's relentless, you gotta hand to him He'll tempt you with every sin & then he'll stand accusing You gotta understand He'll take you out for you even think to stand, he doesn't give a d*** Dude, he'll use your ex's depression & have you next in succession With regrets & obsessions Have your new love crying 'cuz you're raging for what? My revenge? Forgiving her & not hating her guts. (Chorus)
(Chorus) I'm lyricist of the year, songwriter of the decade My mom taught me to be nasty with a essay use the word velocity instead of using speed I’m god’s monstrosity, it’s time you take heed Yo Malakai? that's my man, love that dude to death, he's dope but... I'M LYRICIST OF THE YEAR, YEAR...YEAH!!! I'm lyricist of the year, pardon my boast But fly jargon & quotes ‘cause an artist to choke Or sharpen his growth, regardless I’m dope like a carcass is gross Why even argue, I’m a harvest,you’re broke ‘cause I’m god’s creation done right With a spirit of excellence runnin’ through my veins, practically my blood type Like ‘thug life’s’ practically Tupac’s Who still got kids in new lots bustin’ a few shots with two glocks With crack in their tube socks to trap or something I’m the alternative, you can call this ‘Smashing Pumpkins’ My diction’s of praise, but Facebook friends get enraged When I drop music links on their page I’m trying to bring the real so that you don't lose out What? you rather me tag you a pick with shortie's boobs out? So cool out, allow me to witness Besides, where’s your Matthew 28:19 spirit? (Chorus) Yo Seda is fuego, I mean 'MUY FUEGO', I'm sayin' but... I'M LYRICIST OF THE YEAR, YEAR...YEAH!!! Papa please preach ‘cause I’m in trouble deep I should probably apologize to Braille for not being a ‘Humble Beast’ Though I am a beast, filling a clear void This ain’t cockiness, (NAH!) it's confidence on steroids Yo, you’re looking for songs that got you very smitten Well Brooke Lugo needs to holla, even Keri Hilson & I’m trying for hits, I ain’t trying to ‘hit’ Plus god got my wife, I’m finding her quick Ain’t too many who can touch Jason I spit a rhyme to crush satan while cupcaking, just sayin’! No question I’m a problem man 'Brooklyn' like the dollar van, it's God showing off, I'm his hologram I got a knack to show the savior’s quite real With sci-fi flows, space invaders type deal Yo, let me re write those Star Wars prequels! The illest risk taker since Evil Knivel (Chorus) Yo Selah is crazy, C.H.R.I.S. is pretty dope too but today... I'M LYRICIST OF THE YEAR, YEAR...YEAH!!! For those who been sleepin’, I’m a set fire to your mattresses & pillows I practice it for real though I’m beyond this world, I’m practically a weirdo Forget a misfit, I’m one chicken meal short of a biscuit ‘cause I say God is great on the mic cord Makes me the prime candidate for the pysch ward ‘cause to the world I’m insane when I spit it While insane with the lyrics, I’m just slain in the spirit And it’s plain when you hear it, that I increased the ratio Of rappers not talkin’ ‘bout drugs, guns, fellatio But ‘lyricist of the year’ is just a title If God’s not glorified and rap is your idol So forget Jason Roberts, call me Robert Plant Showing you the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ with a rocker stance ‘Uuuunnnnggggghhhhhh’, rappers groan like Chewbacca rants Turnin’ to the darkside, not a chance! (Chorus) Yo this ain't no shots at nobody, yo I'm just having fun, I'm sayin' I'M LYRICIST OF THE YEAR, YEAR...YEAH!!! Know what I'm saying, straight up... (Chorus) Ad-lib: Every now then yo, you might just wanna feel like that sometimes when you're repping the KING, kinda like... SEDA'S Lyricist Of The Year C.H.R.I.S., Lyricist Of The Year Malakai, Lyricist Of The Year Quest The Wordsmith, Lyricist Of The Year (YEAH) Richard Dauphin, Lyricist Of The Year Elijah Miguel, Lyricist, Lyricist Of The Year...Of The Year I'm Lyricist Of The Year...YEAH!!! I'M LYRICIST OF THE YEAR, YEAR...YEAH!!!
Lyricist of the year, this is God still showing off Like no hand back flips in a freestyle motor cross I’m Carey Hart, praying Ashleigh is Pink I’m slick & very sharp so rappers rapidly shrink My words they actually Sting With that ‘Message in the Bottle’ that I graphically bring to all these rappers who stink They gotta be kidding, rather be poverty stricken Before you properly listen to genocide, that philosophy’s prison Inspired by movies to start fights So a ‘Joker’ turned a midnight showing into a Dark Knight Got my kid spooked, she ain’t trying to see Bruce Wayne When shooters cause riots, I ain’t rhyming no 2 Chainz Chicago violence? got that place losing Somebody fired? empire state shootings It’s why God’s calling us not to be complacent To live adjacent to what we spit in basements Verbal samurai, sharper than a blade when I’m witty Word to Malakai, I’m really trying to Pray For My City This is Nas when he was Blazing a Fifty Or Lauryn dropping ‘Vocab’, amazingly gritty This be a set from Skrillex, the ‘rave’ of the city Corey taylor skill set with 'rage' getting busy Same firepower, but I use it for a higher power In my finest hour, I am Christ empowered It’s why many dissect how I rock it in the pocket More than Frank Ocean coming out closet when he blogged it I pray they do & recognize their breakthrough Is in Christ, cause though I’m nice, I can’t save you Wordplay & double entendres, won’t change you On Thursday when trouble is sponsored by Grey Goose Stumble out the club where your movements a crime Drunk enough for cops to shoot you quick numerous times Lyricist of the year so my God is esteemed From a song to a social network, I do work, I’m a machine Going at the machine that I rage against Shoving poison down our throat, I shouldn't play the fence Yeah my God is esteemed From a song to a social network, I do work, I’m a machine Going at the machine that I rage against Shoving poison down our throat, I shouldn't play the fence I know you couldn’t fathom this spell Of jealously and politics in Christian music, it’s apparent as well I know scheming is strong but you’d be reading me wrong Saying I’m hating on rappers ‘cause I ain’t feeling a song Cause their popular, suddenly I can’t be saying squat Swear I’m drunk with envy, with each bar I’m taking shots Like 'Lecrae's smoking, but turning him into a God because you’re that open Your idolatry is showing I love Nas, but I’m still not into Nastradamus That’s a promise, everything ain’t dope, though he’s that accomplished Can’t read between the lines? Let me make it more legible I'm lifting up the King, while I'm tearing down these pedestals Man made, fan made, even Stan made And egos are bruised beyond a band-aid, that’s Jay Going at the golden calf you got these rappers looking like Never will I roll with that, I’m shocked the pastor booked the type The perception of saints we gotta change that It’s why a Muslim’s never disrespected in today’s rap A threesome in a mosque? don’t you say that I wanna ‘uh’ and I say ‘church’, yeah you play that And radio straight empowers their actions But we can’t blame the artists, we allow it to happen Truth is, we don’t preach the truth to half the nation Too busy leaning on the church for their validation Trip Lee, T.i., Eminem or Braille Put any above God? that sentiment will fail On the real, believers worshiping rappers or preachers Ain’t no different from the teenage girl worshiping 'bieber' either So keep you eyes on Christ or drown deeper In an ocean of depravity, rapidly like your name was Peter Your choice, either sink or swim or stick to sin Or choose Christ, the king is him Lyricist of the year so my God is esteemed From a song to a social network, I do work, I’m a machine Going at the machine that I rage against Shoving poison down our throat, I shouldn't play the fence Yeah my God is esteemed From a song to a social network, I do work, I’m a machine Going at the machine that I rage against Shoving poison down our throat, I shouldn't play the fence
Don’t vote for Obama just because he’s black Cast your vote for a leader with his thoughts intact Don’t get it twisted, when Barack took the oath Of office back in ‘09, my mind was full of hope ‘Cause before then, a black man in office was a joke So now do you hold him accountable or cut his throat? Conspiracy theories you glamorize Dude, we came here as slaves, why we gotta be the anti-Christ? Republicans swear his policies are communism His gay marriage stance questioned if God was with him But for me this ain’t black versus white For whatever time he has, I pray Barack works with Christ Yeah i know Blacks been oppressed But heck, we gotta put our own sins in check When some of us call Asians chinks & Mexicans wetbacks That’s a set back, I hope you get that ‘Cause legislation’s a crock & it can’t be pardoned So I ‘stand my ground’ for Trayvon Martin He played ball, snowboarded, but trust He still wasn’t ‘All American’ enough, he still got snuffed That’s tough, rough for the parents of an innocent citizen Taken out by Zimmerman’s conditioning That any black kid in a hoodie is a suspect, a roughneck Geraldo bought it, his son was upset Like “pops are you done yet, you sound real ignorant" They’ll shoot a black man cruisin’ by in a suit and tie Execute a black man, ignore every truth for lies And a conviction, like the Troy Davis’ stint in prison Can’t believe the shiftiness Like the ‘Memphis 3‘, he should’ve gotten Eddie Vedder & a Dixie chick So pay attention to this sound Word to Kevin Powell, I would say this to Chris Brown Some still see you as a scary dude And there’s some white folk just waiting to bury you ‘Cause you fit the description of a sadder scene Where there’s John Mayer’s reckless talk in a magazine He left this fan with a sad face But I’d like to believe it was a moment of bad taste You killed “Human Nature” at the King of pop’s funeral I’m praying racism’s really not the truth for you But it’s beyond John, believe it It’s fearing other races you’ve befriended are hating you in secret Hatred that’s loaded like blue steel Racism is still real, it’s just way more concealed (Chorus) ‘Ye said it best, I gotta be real with it Racism’s still alive, they just be concealing it Like a weapon trying to shoot you down Pray my records don’t lose you now Yeah, they say "we formed a new religion" Where theology’s causing division, killing the christian Like a weapon trying to shoot you down Pray my words don’t lose you now There’s certain things that I won’t write Or shove it down your throat like medicine with a taste you don’t like So if your arrogant with theology, you getting a glare Read my lips, I don’t care ‘Cause only Christ saved the savages from being masochists So I don’t care if you’re reformed as a Calvinist Shoot, even catholic, matter of fact I’m baffled with Your arguments with doctrine, does it really matter kid? When you’re online ending up in fruitless debates Being ruthless with phrase, it’s a stupid mistake With unbelievers sitting there watching how this thing works Like “see this is why I don’t go to church" But don’t lose God’s liberty Saying you didn’t believe ‘cause those two argued ‘bout the trinity God’s like “You gotta be kidding me... Word to Kane, ‘pick your B.C. date, ‘cause you are history" No wonder there’s division Let me quote some scripture, before you say I’m spittin’ off opinions 1 Timothy 6, verses 2 to five Read that & handle your pride, don’t shuck & jive I ain't dissin’ Calvinism if that’s your groove Or dissin’ studying to show yourselves approved But if it’s filling you with pride, put it to the side ‘Cause while you’re beating your chest, somebody died Not knowing who Jesus was, ‘cause love was zero spoken When you’re running ‘round as the super theologian That nobody likes, arrogant & you look for fights And your pound of flesh with your bible as your butcher knife (Chorus)
The Accused 04:24
(Chorus) Oh so quickly we accuse Casting judgment’s what we do If God’s grace never came through You’d point those fingers back at you (2x) Rap’s murderous message needs an affirmative edit While I’m determined with efforts to give Christ superlative credit Demons know I throw dirt on their methods when my verses express it They lost their patience (patients) more than nurses or medics Or teenage moms with their infants, breach their calm in an instant Like terrorists dropping bomb repping Islam on our children But this is no attack on Muslims, for what it’s worth I know believers who everyday straight 9/11 the church Swinging an axe of hate instead of living out acts of faith While greed’s filling a pastor’s plate In mega-churches almost bigger than the half-state this Christian’s not half awake... to what’s up, so I ain’t spitting the trash of late Family’s too estranged from kids too cool to change With minds so twisted like they got rubix cubes for brains, who’s to blame Is it secular artists we’re always questioning Or is it self-righteousness that really doesn’t rep the king We don’t impact a world so they can realize faith We call Wayne the anti-Christ & demonize Drake ‘Cause it’s so easy, that’s why it’s caught hold Of the church & we forget these people are still lost souls Or souls that’s been hurt & if we pray for them often Maybe they’ll see past the dollar signs & amazing proportions Of the women that come around, see their spirits & dumb it down Instead we’re quick to judge & it’s hard for me to stomach now (Bridge) You better watch your tone If you ain’t a sinner, please cast the first stone We need to take care of home Before we even judge, need to check our own. (2x) (Chorus) Demons had me inherently cocky As a ‘Giant’ in my sin, that I turn ‘Saint’ faster than Jeremy Shockey But now as a sinner saved by grace it’s embarrassing Instead of being humble, in it’s place there is arrogance We use our scripture favorites as a license to judge on twitter pages & it’s real contagious And it still amazes me, the fact that we act like we never had a past I can’t help but laugh at that I’m not saying pop culture isn’t suspect Sin rules the wold & we’re it’s loyal subjects But when you use youtube, to damn other superstar to hell Off speculations, what about ourselves The beating of Rihanna was the topic of discussion But before Chris Brown, that was Juanita Bynum’s husband Now ex, a pastor if I’m not mistaken You can hate on my opinion, you could even hate Jason But when I watch “Behind The Music” & witness The story of DMX and how it’s awfully twisted To be specific, even after fame & the riches There’s still a pain that’s existent, how he’s stained by sadistic Episodes of beatings that he used to endure Some laugh at him, others persecuting him more There’s a heart for God there but demonic leeches are tearing to pieces He needs Jesus not judgment for believers (Bridge) (Chorus)
Black Hole 03:36
I’m facing this disaster all alone, somebody get the pastor on the phone I’m doing things another rapper would condone In a zone contrary to the things I’m writing The way my sins’ arriving got my mind thinking ‘Hit the 'King of Diamonds'’ ‘cause my flesh is being such a ‘jerk off’ Sayin’ “you got some unreleased tension you should work off" now how’s that for a strong admission I’m two mouse clicks away from a porn addiction Don’t you doubt this, for Jay it’s a sworn affliction I’m avoiding like the plague but it’s drawn my vision No bra & double d’s, this struggle be numbing my pain from all the loneliness that troubles me currently Word to everything, I miss having sex With the woman of my dreams that I married ‘til death But I’m on my 3rd break up since my wife’s now my ex & I’m so beyond depressed, I am not sure what’s next Can’t believe how this sadness entices Forgot who Christ is, caught up in this vice grip Wrapping itself around me, tighter than pythons until I’m lifeless Where the root of suicide is Denying living water that’s survival for my drout Got more faith in my bondage than the bible in my house I wouldn’t doubt that this story is you too With all your ‘scripture’ tweets, can’t pretend like you do When I’m stuck in this black hole Somebody please pray on my behalf, Satan’s wrath is that cold To rob of me of my joy with insane pleasure And i’m left to still deal with my worst pain ever I remember getting the call from Mike Dones telling me ‘Slave’ said the homie Bryant was gone’ So quickly I got ‘Slave’ on the phone Screaming ‘what you talking ‘bout?’ with the harshest of tones I’m sorry Slave, I didn’t mean to But losing my boy & mentor didn’t seem true ‘cause i’m thinking ‘I just seen dude hours before he left... for his cruise, now you’re telling me that same dude is dead?' Nah, you gotta be kidding me You’re saying every show I’m doing now, I’ll be missing b’? And he’s no longer in present but my history If i was ‘B.I.G.’, he was ‘Mister Cee’ Or better yet, ‘Mister B.’, an ‘MC 4 Jesus’ Got thirty phone calls the day he died, couldn’t receive it But knowing him, he wouldn’t want us crying over him ‘cause he’s with the one who rose for him to get over sin Well Bry’, I’m having trouble getting over mine And the fact I haven’t cried, still blows my mind Barely shed a tear and to me it’s embarrassing Or maybe I’m still in denial that this is happening Or has happened, your wife’s world crashing down Still she walks around with a faith that I haven’t found That I need to find, if she could have peace of mind In her biggest storm, I gotta trust the lord to speak to mine (chorus) 3x God is there redemption for souls Trapped within the deepest of holes? When you feel like there is... Just no way out I pray that you meet them there.
I was... up late night watching ‘Coachella’ On ustream, thought my night would go better ‘til I got a skype chat that was no pleasure From an ex-girlfriend that I so treasured She’s at ‘Coachella’, she’s such a go-getter Been a few weeks since we past spoke and... She’s telling me how she got to meet Frank Ocean And how his set had her mad open So I’m waiting for this ‘Radiohead’ performance And I’m asking her questions that’s in accordance To the present conversation, I asked who accompanied thee ‘cause all the while, she kept saying ‘we’ She said it was the dude that she dealt with before we started & suddenly I’m brokenhearted Thank god that she couldn’t see the pain show In my eyes as I’m hearing these songs from ‘In Rainbows’ I didn’t know how to react I’m just taken aback by the fact that she’d taken him back She said that he treated her bad Guess love conquered all, I’m a leave it that And as “Paranoid Android” played I’m fighting these tears streaming down my face Another lost love beating down my faith Another love lost, fleeing out my space ‘cause a couple weeks prior I was falling for this one chick, what I always wanted Beautiful, supportive and we talked all the time But the girl wasn’t mine so we had to draw the line And with everyday that I’m growing old To the idea of the love, I am growing cold! ‘cause I’ve given so much of my best I wonder if there’s anything left (Chorus) See my heart’s looking like shattered glass ‘cause it’s broken into so many pieces.... I can’t put it back together only God can make it better, yeah... (2x) Lately I’m so done, I just wanna go dumb And ‘smash’ every chick I come across and go numb Losing’ myself within somebody’s skin Abusing my health within some shoddy sin I figure having orgasm after orgasm With my raw talents, life would be more balanced Forget loving hard, I’m being more callous Drown my sorrows in this rubber from this torn package Kick emotional attachment to the curb Thoughts of a love worth having is absurd That’s a fantasy world Crazy and stupid for love, this ‘Ryan Gosling’ doesn’t get the girl Rather be a player than a serial monogamist Who’s finishing last with the heartbreak on top of it But I’m afraid after getting laid for the sixth time in a week I will see “this is not me" See I can’t really blame Every ex that ever came for my self inflicted pain Though some clearly violated Jason Certain situations were due to my impatience Looking back and it’s clear what happened Less jumping the gun, more prayer and fasting More asking God “Is this who you got for me" ‘cause anything else is not for me (Chorus)
Lord After a while you get sick of seeing your spirit turn into shattered glass I need you to lead me, 'cause y'know Every Adam has an Eve Every Boaz has a Ruth I need you to show me who it is For me Yeah I’ve been caught up in this whirlwind Been tossed back and forth, don’t need another girlfriend To turn my spirit into shattered glass Matter of fact, it’s only by God’s grace that i haven’t snapped Not playing Ne-Yo, definitely no Dwele I rather bump Metallica, than R Kelly’s 12 play Forget love, I got an album to write But this African’s reminding me I wanted a wife And I’m not trying to be a cynic Or a critic, I just want the real, I don’t need a gimmick I don’t wanna diss a chick ‘cause my heart’s acidic To the point that I’m bitter & jaded and hard to live with Lord knows, I don’t need another mistake I’m praying for a lover that’s straight On those long cold winters when the summer’s away On vacay so I'd say I wish she had a voice like Melanie Fiona Even had the style of a Dawn Richard If she looked like Meagan Good, yo it would be over But really I just want whoever you are I know I’d go for one looking like Kelly Rowland Even Suzy Rock ‘cause she’s a star And Elle Varner is fly, Frieda Pinto got me open But really I just want whoever you are Yeah, you see I don’t need a fit of rage Seeing some next dude on my girl’s twitter page What? Dag I thought you had a winner Jay Instead it’s rains on my parade, game’s been delayed Hey I guess on deaf ears, petitions fell Still I wish her well, man I wish her health In the words of Shawn, I gotta move on But I took a year off to get my head screwed on Tighter than before though I met the flyest to the core I could’ve had in private for the score, livest to explore Can’t rock with a dame who only talks game And i know my worth, I don’t deserve to be shortchanged Coming up short doesn’t register well I’m need of a queen so I better excel Cause I think she’s closer than it seems And I longer have to dream, that I wish she had a voice like Melanie Fiona Even had the style of a Dawn Richard If she looked like Meagan Good, yo it would be over But really I just want whoever you are I know I’d go for one looking like Kelly Rowland Even Suzy Rock ‘cause she’s a star And Elle Varner is fly, Frieda Pinto got me open But really I just want whoever you are D. Steele on 'em, yeah And I’m praying for that sista who will challenge me annually Know communication’s key even when she’s mad at me Or vice versa, joy after catastrophe When we took it to the father, how amazing that would be How much praying that would need or be the sacrifice For a star in my universe rarely seen by satellites Realness, intelligence and grace in it’s orbit Sexiness so applauded, there’s no way to ignore it You pray you’re making love ‘til exhausted Then get your second wind ‘cause she’s everything that was worth the courtship She’s emailing you 40 times in a month Supportive & descriptive in the lines of each one Friendship is built, partnership reinforced And whether life is good or hard to live, she is yours And God is at the center of the love being pure And you’re inspired to show her every month she’s adored Wait, everything I always wanted, I can tell it’s you Matter of fact, I remember when I fell for you Singing a love song sweeter than Amel Larrieux’s To the core, I’m making sure that you’re well pursued There’s been plenty of sisters that I’ve dreamed of But even in the way that you’d check me, I’ve seen love I’m just hating all the distance between us I’m praying that it’s you, I’ve seen hope, I've seen trust
Disposable 05:31
You were the glamorous type who seemed like you handled your business I know those D-boys stopped their hustle just to scramble to witness When you'd hit the block, posed off like cameras were filming Body of Aaliyah, dress code of Angela Simmons Any chick within your radius, you'd definitely kill 'em But you're close to death within this train wreck that you're still in Should've prayed to God a lot harder, got farther, got smarter Instead you let your man beat you in your Dodge Charger Acting like you hate abuse but then you'd move Like excuses you couldn't wait to use, got me straight confused All Rih Rih & Breezy, but couldn't handle your mistakes Your trap? you loved the fact he blew the candles of your cake Oooh she really liked it, got you so excited And then he beats you to a pulp, bruises couldn't hide it Being in your biz, I hate to do, I know you hate it too But still I pray for you 'cause I'm worried about the state of you Why would you wanna live your life Like you're disposable Like there's no worth to you You're vain for the fame & flashing lights It's uncontrollable It's only hurting you Why would you wanna live your life Like you're disposable Like there's no worth to you It's beyond disaster when your man's built like a linebacker And loves to throw you down your stairs 'til you swear your spine's fractured Can't front, you're the one I used to pine after But really you wanted this fine actor With a couple rides that's sure to double his pride You never struggled, you're fly, but the trouble inside After he buys you some Red bottoms, you'd soon be hit again Remember chapter thirteen in 1st Corinthians Where love is patient & love is not boastful And love doesn't climb on top of you and choke you Love doesn't fly into a blind rage, come at you sideways Play mind games and jack up your mind state But this love you choose to accept Probably thought it was your only option since your father left So I'm asking God be straight with you 'cause I would hate to view Your body in a casket as the final state of you Why would you wanna live your life Like you're disposable Like there's no worth to you You're vain for the fame & flashing lights It's uncontrollable It's only hurting you Why would you wanna live your life Like you're disposable Like there's no worth to you And I'm talking to you rapper, singer, college student stripper Now looking for that porn money 'cause it's moving quicker All the while you're disposable, I wish you'd get the picture That your boss been quick to pimp you as that notty headed His own cash cow to cash out, didn't plan for that route Going in circles like that deal you signed, you lash out At a rival artist, record execs are still the smartest While y'all throwing bottles, your life is their lotto regardless Your disposable, replaceable, here for a moment then you're gone All out of options 'cause you're no longer twenty one Body is no longer tight, breasts are starting to sag Can't afford that lipo, you're that type tho' ever rapper had Speaking of you rappers, easy pawns that the enemy uses To write those one hit blunders that's so empty & foolish The industry will swallow those that's ready to do this When money's over culture, it's so clearly abusive Why would you wanna live your life Like you're disposable Like there's no worth to you You're vain for the fame & flashing lights It's uncontrollable It's only hurting you Why would you wanna live your life It's only hurting you Disposable
You ain’t ‘bout that life, you ain’t been that trife Not nearly that gangsta (Chill!) Pants saggin’ down still, actin’ like you’re Meek Mill Not nearly that rapper God got a greater purpose for your life Don’t be a clown in a ‘circus’ all your life In the town or the churches, I’m awesome! Why? I’m profound with the verses I often write Dude I’m scorching mics, while you’re out there Trying to be a fraud, better turn to God, better learn with God Or be a façade up in VIP ‘Cause some rapper said, ‘Be like me’ Yo, the flesh gotta D.I.E, get it ready like B.I.G Or be Chi Ali Up North for a long time, never had a strong mind In and outta jail like T.I.P (Pre-Chorus) Your act is a façade Don’t know who you’re supposed to be I know myself through God With Him, I am His poetry Satan is sure to deceive you Be who God made you or we don’t believe you (Repeat) (Chorus) Acting like a thug but you’re scared of a gun You ain’t ‘bout that life, You ain’t ‘bout that life Better get it right, you ain’t ‘bout that life Good girl gone bad but it’s all been a front You ain’t ‘bout that life, You ain’t bout that life Better get it right, you ain’t ‘bout that life (Repeat) Yo sis, check it out You’re throwing up your drink any second now Passed out on the couch, it be getting foul Ain’t usually how you be getting down You’re trying to live life in the ‘fast lane’ ‘Bad meets evil’ in mixed drinks and champagne But you’re playin’ yourself, it’s a sad thang That you’re an addict, a fiend for this crack game It’s a tad lame trying to be a ‘photo-shopped’ type Doing wrong when you know to walk right In a New York night, in a New York minute You often cross Christ and you seem lost in it Tryin’ to be something you’re not tho’ Got you poor in spirit though you got dough You were on that pole, yeah you got low Like your self esteem for what you’re not yo (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus) Better check your hardened condition The vice that started your mission To be apart from God’s vision Was that the smartest decision? straight denying your purpose You’re straight up dying on purpose The weight of lying will surface When fame you’re buying feels worthless You ain’t ‘bout that life Never was, never will, you straight gotta chill Before the gun’s in your face going for the kill Before you’re done with your faith, take another pill ‘Cause you’re about that right? Running from God ‘til you’re too exhausted With one night stands and your crew who lost it Sins I wish you knew to forfeit (Pre-Chorus) (Chorus)
I'm promoting Christ to the culture, shameless While your lifestyles is heinous... To your spirit man and it strikes like a vulture While you’re living fast with your idols & sculptures Bottles of Ciroc and scantily clad models Bringing you demons scheming to crack bottles Story you wanted becoming a bad novel Sucker free? Nah, you're in need of that gospel Clear on recordings, even clearer live Salvation ain’t found in your Panamera ride Datin said “Turn It Off” we don’t wanna hear the lies I’m inspired by the rap where the golden era thrived I ain’t trying to share the mic with your pimp dreams I share the Christ with a sixteen, never mind a striptease From Bed-Stuy back to the Chi’, bring cameras by For that living sacrifice that I advertise (CHORUS) Yeah, they call this shameless promotion And it’s not about fame or exploding It’s about giving praise and devotion For the one who made the streets and deepest oceans And we got that thing where rock God’s name and we got no shame (no shame) And we got that thing where rock God’s name and we got no shame On the hardest of hits I’m the artist who spits Promoting Elohim, every bar is my pitch That I market to kids, guess I’m carving my niche Success is beyond audemars on my wrist That one one six, john 3:16 Mark 1:15 so can you live clean When your washed in your blood so spirit’s pristine The patterns of the Christ got the lyrics this mean! You’re flashing your ice on a wicked big screen But you’re crashing in life for a gimmick sick scene No wonder your lifestyle’s a timid split screen Imitating Christ while you mimic tricked teens & rappers walking ‘round proud labelled as gangsters We’re scared of being labelled Christian and that’s backwards Should be the other way around so when I play the town It’s Christ over everything pop culture’s saying now (CHORUS) So girl, don’t meet me at the bathroom stall Meet me at the kingdom gates, no I ain’t dissin’ ‘Ye But that lifestyle? that soon falls Not even your Bentley coupe saves you from deadly truths Why gain the whole world when it’s a cold world Grace is more sufficient than being on a pole girl Brothers throwing dollars screaming that’s my ole girl I’m throwing wisdom, please cherish the ‘whole pearl’ I remember nights when I wanted to slit my own wrists Loneliness I owned it Thank god for his grace I could’ve blown it For a fleeting moment that’s why I promote him God promises you deliverance keeping you alive That’s psalms 22:5 So I rock on a Top Rank beat I've chosen Giving you that shameless promotion (Chorus)
Let me explain this out the gate, my game is out to break The brainless out to hate, my plane is outer space I’m the unreachable star C.Wallace re-invented when my method’s ‘unbelievable’ bars Way quicker, I aint Biggie, I’m thinner, slimmer Dreadlock Slimmm’s a winner with force of cyclones and twisters Physical inside of me, lyrical variety Angel in the outfield of pitiful societies Sit for your sobriety with masterpieces in mass releases Smash your thesis with slangs elitist No hash or reefers when I earn stripes like your last Adidas Bang with genius and hang the weakest Candid speeches screaming ‘take a stance with Jesus’ That’s no secret, my faith’s a tad behemoth My life’s a song and Christ is a classic feature More than Nas on that 'Main Source' to crack your speakers Grab believers at a drastic pace While Satan’s turned into a basket case trying to snatch my faith Demoralize him with a graphic taste Setting a tone, disciple in a zone, I’m a classic case Sex, money, murder, not interested I rather bring the Word bruh, God witnessed it I know you think I’m rather braggadocious, Yeah I’m braggadocious About the God I serve, Word? You haven’t noticed? The poet focused over tracks ferocious Work the corners more than roaches to smack the locusts Eating showbiz and most kids with thug over dosage Dre was the closest thing to being this ‘xxplosive’ (explosive) Y’all know my sessions are fiery With beliefs that’s a threat to society Cause what I say is never passive My vision’s in flight, this ‘top gun’ needs Aviator glasses (Chorus) I'm a take it back to top billin’ Only right cause Jesus Christ has entered the buildin’ And you can call it Bryant’s theme The way I’m hittin’ these streets, it’s like a riot scene Jesus Christ has entered the buildin’ (x4) AD LIB: And when we come through (x2) I spit rhymes real desperate against the bid That’s wanting my censorship, stressing it Hardcore? No question kid They fear the flow I bring the code of ethics with It’s why they say I’m cocky in the skin of my own While you’re desperate for the killers in prison to clone If you see me on top of rap’s dominion alone Cause I sought the Most High and left religion alone Sought that train of thought more than tourists at Penn station Flowing harder than faucets or menstruation Cause it’s that time of the month for rhymin’ so blunt You inhale my thoughts, call it a crime if you want Cause I should be charged with illegal gun possession Shootin’ up the charts and your veins with every session Now you’re addicts ‘cause what I verbalize is ‘crack’ Called the Gospel, I trafficked when you internalized the rap My words they ride the track more than jockeys on a race horse What I demonstrate as I celebrate a great loss Salute to Bryant, I miss your code of ethics Your life was God’s movie, it’s time I wrote the credits And God spoke the edits as I bring these verses back You heard it last and was like ‘You murdered that’ ‘For certain Black?’ You were like ‘Never quit… Or else I’ll kill you!’ ‘Thank God, I never did!!!’ (Chorus) 2X
Subliminals 03:48
See when it comes to Jason, mistaking my kindness for weakness? I ain’t playin’, I’m just sayin’, I ain’t trying to see it I got no time for deceiving, I’m god’s design and his thesis So you taking me light is not the sign of a genius That’s actually kinda dumb & I won’t spit like a thug But you ain’t kicking it in love, I’m a nip it in the bud I take friendship seriously ‘cause enemies used to be friends previously I can’t rock or get to attached to ‘em ‘cause those “friends” got the sharpest knives waiting for you to turn your back to ‘em If brother Joseph could be sold for some paper By his own brothers, you could take the role of a traitor They say “cats are talking about your homie these days" I’m like “I know, I had his back but he was throwing me shade" I could hold my tongue, turn my cheek or keep quiet But even David faced his Goliath with violence Y’know what’s my problem, I’m a people pleaser And people pleasers often end up feeble creatures End up being targets of a lethal ether While in denial of their people’s evil features In other words, they’re quicker to catch a backstab Burned soo much, you got the sequel to ‘Backdraft’ I won’t have that, not everything I laugh at But don’t be nervous dude, I’m just observing you (Chorus) Even though I’m saved yo, please don’t cross me Act all salty, that’s when you’ve lost me Yo, i don’t know what you thought that time Ayo, why would you even cross that line (2x) My grace is never a sign...that you can cross that line Don’t cross that line (2x) My grace is never a sign...that you can cross that line Don’t cross that line (2x) See wishing me the best to you is not what matters kid You’re too stuck on what my relationship status is You couldn’t name a single song that I spit But you know every chick you could’ve sworn I was with You never support, but my girl’s page you go to Hit her up on skype, she’s like “Do I know you?!!!" Make random request like you’re fans of the quest Dude I don’t need fans, I need fam’ or it’s stress Yes, that’s when you’ve crossed that line And this is what got sisters distraught at times In the office, wearing something tight, but business like & co-worker’s running some game that isn’t right In fact it’s actually troubling & now you’re switching from ‘Mary Mary’ to ‘Jazmine Sullivan' ‘10 seconds’ away from ‘Busting windows’ out his car ‘cause he done went too far, you’re sayin’ ‘nah!!!' So called friends are hating as soon as you earn a stack Holla at your future spouse as soon as you turn you back Lose it in the situation, now you’re facin’ “murder raps" ‘cause you’ve been suspected this cat, you had the burner strapped But looking back I see I need to make ammends ‘cause to Christ I’ve been a terrible friend, he’d take offense To the way that I’m living my life in disobedience & in the way that people treat me, I guess I’m seeing it! (Chorus)
What do you when there’s nowhere to run Where there’s nowhere to run (2x) That’s when you have faith & trust in the son Jesus the son, Jesus the son So I’m saddled by the sum Of my fears, like I’m facing the barrel of a gun Can’t really sleep ‘cause the battle isn’t won Making ends meet but I’m shackled by the crumbs I swear I’m not smoking crack I’d be on the pipe like plumbers trying to escape the thunder Of a life impossible and privy To stress to make you lose more follicles than britney And my girl’s having problems like... College graduate and no job in sight Options tight, she’s looking to rob and fight Feeling so much pain, it’s dropping life... In the sewage ‘cause life is ruthless Cuts circulation like tightened nooses No matter if your Muslim, into Christ or Jewish Life is hard but giving up the fight is foolish! (chorus) What do you when there’s nowhere to run Where there’s nowhere to run (2x) that’s when you have faith & trust in the son Jesus the son, Jesus the son When your life is down to the wire Face to face with the enemy It’s time you seek the messiah...for the remedy! When you feel got no choice Within the point of no return Nerves of steel become your voice Light ‘that joint’ and let it burn Set a fire to your past Watch empires turn to ash Full of liars in your path When the messiah took God’s wrath So I preach Christ crucified Urging you to do die from the route of lies I spit this for those with an every day vent With their back against the wall, barely make rent Praise in my lungs my voice unsettling To the enemy got him used to trembling Ain’t “Basketball Wives”, but my ‘Royce’ adrenaline Beating on Satan, got him confused for Evelyn (chorus) When you feel got no choice Within the point of no return Nerves of steel become your voice Light ‘that joint’ and let it burn Set a fire to your past Watch empires turn to ash Full of liars in your path When the messiah took God’s wrath.


"Radical Departure" is the 2012 studio album from Trinidian born, Brooklyn bred & Jersey based emcee/lyricist/songwriter CONQUEST. It is an album that signals the start of new musical & ministry chapter for the artist born Jason Andre Roberts. Created within exactly one year, "Radical Departure" finds CONQUEST in the present day preparing to 'depart' from the things that has plagued his walk with God & his musical vision in the past. In the midst of this re-invention he addresses everything from idolatry in & outside of the church, the ill effects of music & pop culture, racism, physical to sexual abuse, a tragic loss, love & heartbreak & everything else in between while stressing the need for radical evangelism for himself & others. The title of CONQUEST'S latest album speaks to his musical & artistic approach on it as well, it's a 'world where east-coast boom-bap meets metalcore, where 'trap music' has an alternative feel, 80's pop music is sampled with a classic hip hop drum break & techno & southern drum kicks join forces with double time rhyming' all for a common purpose. There are no guest appearances on "Radical Departure" and for a re-introduction as personal as CONQUEST'S, it's only right.

The DELUXE EDITION of this album was put together to celebrate the one year anniversary of "RADICAL DEPARTURE" being available on itunes. This version includes the original album, itunes bonus tracks, remixes & the main tracks on "R.A.G.E. (Revenge Against God's Enemies) - The EP. It's basically an extended version of the original album with different sequencing & additional tracks


released December 4, 2013

All songs were produced by Daniel Steele aka D. STEELE for Daniel Steele Music in Jersey City NJ except “THE ACCUSED” produced by Daniel Steele aka D. STEELE for Daniel Steele Music & Jason Andre Roberts aka CONQUEST in Jersey City NJ. “RADICAL DEPARTURE” produced by Eshon Burgundy for Salvation Armie Productions.
“BLACK HOLE”, ”YOU AIN‘T ‘BOUT THAT LIFE”, “SHAMELESS PROMOTION”, "SHATTERED GLASS" & “CONCEALED WEAPON (TR VERSION)” produced by TOP RANK for Beat Council Productions. "F.C.G." produced by Sage The Progeny, "WHEN IT'S HOPELESS" produced by Brandon Wright & Mike Longhelt, "LYRICIST OF THE YEAR: C.WOODS VERSION" produced by C.WOODS, “THE MACHINIST” produced by KWESI BEATS & “THE MACHINIST: @GODZ G” produced by GodzG.

All songs were recorded & mixed by Daniel Steele aka D. STEELE for Daniel Steele Music in Jersey City NJ except “RADICAL DEPARTURE” recorded & mixed by C.H.R.I.S. at SOUNDMYND STUDIOS in Queens NY. Additional mixes by Keith Thomas aka VULTCHA in Brooklyn NY.
“R.A.G.E.”, "SHATTERED GLASS" & “YOU AIN’T BOUT THAT LIFE” recorded & mixed by Keith Thomas aka VULTCHA for RATED VG MUSIC at THE PIT in Brooklyn NY. “SHAMELESS PROMOTION”, "R.A.G.E. - SUPER 8 REMIX" & “LYRICIST OF THE YEAR (D. STEELE VERSION)” recorded & mixed by JAH ROCK'N PRODUCTIONS at JAH ROCK'N STUDIOS in Brooklyn NY. “BLACK HOLE” recorded & mixed by JET LEE at UPTIME STUDIOS in New York NY. “CONCEALED WEAPON (TR VERSION)” recorded & mixed by Don Ratney at Cream City Studios, Racine WI, "WHEN IT'S HOPELESS" recorded and mixed by Mike Longhelt at Elim studios, Manassas VA. and “THE ACCUSED” recorded & mixed by JESS JAMES at THE DOJO in Jersey City NJ.

All songs mastered by Don Ratney except “SHAMELESS PROMOTION” mastered by Edgar “DJ Edy” Lagares. "R.A.G.E. - SUPER 8 REMIX" mastered by C.Woods, “RADICAL DEPARTURE”, “R.A.G.E.”, “SHATTERED GLASS”, “YOU AIN’T BOUT THAT LIFE" & “BRYANT’S THEME” mastered by Keith Thomas aka VULTCHA, "WHEN IT'S HOPELESS" mastered by Mike Longhelt and “THE ACCUSED”, "THE MACHINIST: @GODZ G REMIX" mastered by Godz G & “NOWHERE TO RUN”, "SUBLIMINALS" & "UNQUESTIONABLY BLACK" mastered by Donnie ‘D-MAUB’ Harper.

Additional cuts & scratches on “THE MACHINIST” by DJ AKTUAL. Voice messages by TOP RANK on “BLACK HOLE” & Ashleigh Davids on “WHOEVER YOU ARE”.


all rights reserved




The 2012 album “Radical Departure” marks a new musical chapter for Brooklyn based, Trinidadian born emcee/songwriter CONQUEST as an artist & missionary musical evangelist. CONQUEST does unadulterated hip hop music that's mainly East Coast in style & influence with an alternative & soul influence that will be recognized as either ‘Christian hip hop' or 'progressive hip hop made by a Christian'. ... more


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