Bryant's Theme | The Machinist (Single)


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BRYANT'S THEME: Originally released as a 'buzz single' on August 24th 2012, Brooklyn based MC/songwriter/producer CONQUEST (Born Jason Andre Roberts) now official releases "BRYANT'S THEME: CODE OF ETHICS II", another street single off his 2012 album "Radical Departure". August 24th 2012 also marked the one year anniversary of the passing of Brooklyn N.Y. based DJ & New York CHH vanguard DJ Bryant Smith & as a tribute to his life & legacy, "Bryant's Theme" was created in his honor. In a startling case of tragic irony, Smith died due to heart complications while on an wedding anniversary cruise with his wife at the young age of 45. Inspired by Bryant's most popular song "JESUS CHRIST HAS ENTERED THE BUILDING" & a conversation revealing that an earlier Conquest song "CODE OF ETHICS" was one of Bryant's all time favorites. 'Quest proceed to re-write parts of the original, add 28 brand new bars & re-work the chorus of Bryant's most popular song into the new hook, hence completing the song we know today. It's a song that celebrates staying true to the forgotten codes of ethics in hip hop and the gospel while ushering in Jesus Christ as the center of it all. "Bryant's Theme: Code Of Ethics II" was produced & mixed by Daniel Steele aka D. STEELE: &

THE MACHINIST: On April 30th 2013, Brooklyn based MC/songwriter/producer CONQUEST (Jason Andre Roberts) releases “The Machinist”, another radio single off his 2012 album “Radical Departure” now on itunes, amazon, bandcamp & other online retail outlets. 'Quest's latest track features pulsating boom-bap style production from the U.K.’s KWESI BEATS & formidable cuts & scratches from California based DJ AKTUAL. With a title partly inspired by the 2004 motion picture of the same name starring Christian Bale, “The Machinist” finds CONQUEST writing 64 bars full of double entendres & dense lyricism detailing his fight against ‘the ungodly machine’ that targets our society, from random acts of terror to the idolatry & passiveness that exists in the modern church & the “sub-genre” of Christian hip hop. Once again, ‘Quest assumes his role as a gifted ‘machine’ being used to do God’s work & “The Machinist” is his latest testament.


released April 30, 2013

BRYANT'S THEME: Written by Jason Andre Roberts (CONQUEST) for SeanMessiahJaylahMusic (ASCAP) and produced, mixed and recorded by Daniel Steele aka D. STEELE for Daniel Steele Music. Mastered by Keith 'VULTCHA' Thomas. "BRYANT'S THEME: @GodzG Remix" produced & mixed by Dwayne Robinson aka Godz G. Vocals mixed and recorded by Daniel Steele aka D. STEELE for Daniel Steele Music.

THE MACHINIST: Written by Jason Andre Roberts (CONQUEST) for SeanMessiahJaylahMusic (ASCAP). Produced by KWESI BEATS. Mixed and recorded by Daniel Steele aka D. STEELE for Daniel Steele Music. Mastered by Don Ratney. Cuts & scratches by DJ AKTUAL. "THE MACHINIST: @GodzG Remix" produced & mixed by Dwayne Robinson aka Godz G. Vocals mixed and recorded by Daniel Steele aka D. STEELE for Daniel Steele Music. Cuts & scratches by DJ AKTUAL.



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The 2012 album “Radical Departure” marks a new musical chapter for Brooklyn based, Trinidadian born emcee/songwriter CONQUEST as an artist & missionary musical evangelist. CONQUEST does unadulterated hip hop music that's mainly East Coast in style & influence with an alternative & soul influence that will be recognized as either ‘Christian hip hop' or 'progressive hip hop made by a Christian'. ... more

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Track Name: Bryant's Theme (Album Version)
Let me explain this out the gate, my game is out to break
The brainless out to hate, my plane is outer space
I’m the unreachable star
C.Wallace re-invented when my method’s ‘unbelievable’ bars
Way quicker, I aint Biggie, I’m thinner, slimmer
Dreadlock Slimmm’s a winner with force of cyclones and twisters
Physical inside of me, lyrical variety
Angel in the outfield of pitiful societies
Sit for your sobriety with masterpieces in mass releases
Smash your thesis with slangs elitist
No hash or reefers when I earn stripes like your last Adidas
Bang with genius and hang the weakest
Candid speeches screaming ‘take a stance with Jesus’
That’s no secret, my faith’s a tad behemoth
My life’s a song and Christ is a classic feature
More than Nas on that 'Main Source' to crack your speakers
Grab believers at a drastic pace
While Satan’s turned into a basket case trying to snatch my faith
Demoralize him with a graphic taste
Setting a tone, disciple in a zone, I’m a classic case
Sex, money, murder, not interested
I rather bring the Word bruh, God witnessed it
I know you think I’m rather braggadocious, Yeah I’m braggadocious
About the God I serve, Word? You haven’t noticed?
The poet focused over tracks ferocious
Work the corners more than roaches to smack the locusts
Eating showbiz and most kids with thug over dosage
Dre was the closest thing to being this ‘xxplosive’ (explosive)
Y’all know my sessions are fiery
With beliefs that’s a threat to society
Cause what I say is never passive
My vision’s in flight, this ‘top gun’ needs Aviator glasses

I'm a take it back to top billin’
Only right cause Jesus Christ has entered the buildin’
And you can call it Bryant’s theme
The way I’m hittin’ these streets, it’s like a riot scene
Jesus Christ has entered the buildin’ (x4) AD LIB: And when we come through (x2)

I spit rhymes real desperate against the bid
That’s wanting my censorship, stressing it
Hardcore? No question kid
They fear the flow I bring the code of ethics with
It’s why they say I’m cocky in the skin of my own
While you’re desperate for the killers in prison to clone
If you see me on top of rap’s dominion alone
Cause I sought the Most High and left religion alone
Sought that train of thought more than tourists at Penn station
Flowing harder than faucets or menstruation
Cause it’s that time of the month for rhymin’ so blunt
You inhale my thoughts, call it a crime if you want
Cause I should be charged with illegal gun possession
Shootin’ up the charts and your veins with every session
Now you’re addicts ‘cause what I verbalize is ‘crack’
Called the Gospel, I trafficked when you internalized the rap
My words they ride the track more than jockeys on a race horse
What I demonstrate as I celebrate a great loss
Salute to Bryant, I miss your code of ethics
Your life was God’s movie, it’s time I wrote the credits
And God spoke the edits as I bring these verses back
You heard it last and was like ‘You murdered that’
‘For certain Black?’ You were like ‘Never quit…
Or else I’ll kill you!’ ‘Thank God, I never did!!!’

(Chorus) 2X
Track Name: The Machinist (Album Version)
Lyricist of the year, this is God still showing off
Like no hand backflips in a freestyle motorcross
I’m “Carey Hart”, I’m praying Ashleigh is “Pink"
I’m slick & very sharp so rappers rapidly shrink
My words they actually ‘Sting’
With that ‘Message in the Bottle’ that I graphically bring to all these rappers who stink
They gotta be kiddin’, rather be poverty stricken
Before you properly listen to genocide, that philosophy’s prison
Inspired by rappers & movies to start fights
So a ‘Joker’ turned a midnight showing into a ‘Dark Knight’
Got my kid spooked, she ain’t trying to see ‘Bruce Wayne’
When shooters ‘cause ‘Riots’, I ain’t rhyming no '2 Chainz'
Chicago violence? got that place losin’
Somebody fired? empire state shootings
It’s why god’s calling us not to be complacent
To live adjacent to what we spit in basements
Verbal samurai, sharper than a blade when I’m witty
Word to Malakai, I’m really trying to “Pray For My City"
This is Nas when he was ‘Blazing a 50‘
Or Lauryn dropping ‘Vocab’, amazingly gritty
This be a set from Skrillex, the ‘rave’ of the city
Corey Taylor skillset with rage gettin’ busy
Same firepower, but I use it for a higher power
In my finest hour, I am Christ empowered
It’s why many dissect how I rock it in the pocket
More than frank ocean coming out closet when he blogged it!
I pray they do & recognize their breakthrough
Is in Christ, ‘cause though I’m nice, I can’t save you
Wordplay & double entendres, won’t change you
On Thursday when trouble is sponsored by grey goose
Stumble out the club where your movements a crime
Drunk enough for cops to shoot you quick numerous times

Lyricist of the year so my god is esteemed
From a song to a social network, I do work, I’m a machine
Going at the machine that I rage against
Shoving poison down our throat, I never play the fence

I know you couldn’t fathom this spell
of jealously & politics in Christian music, it’s apparent as well
I know scheming is strong but you’d be reading me wrong
Sayin’ I’m hating on rappers ‘cause I ain’t feeling a song
‘cause their popular, suddenly I can’t be saying squat
Swear I’m drunk with envy, with each bar I’m taking shots
Like Lecrae’s smokin’, but turning him into a God ‘cause you’re that open?
Your idolatry is showin’!!!
I love Nas, but I’m still not into “Nastradamus"
That’s a promise, everything ain’t dope, though he’s that accomplished
Can’t read between the lines? let me make it more legible
Man made, fan made, even stan made
& egos are bruised beyond a band-aid, that’s Jay
Going at the golden calf you got these rappers looking like
Never will I roll with that, I’m shocked the pastor booked the type
The perception of saints we gotta change that
It’s why a Muslim’s never disrespected in today’s rap
A threesome in a mosque? don’t you say that
I wanna ‘uhhh’ & I say ‘church’, yeah you play that!
And radio straight empowers their actions
But we can’t blame the artists, we allow it to happen
Truth is, we don’t preach the truth to half the nation
Too busy leaning on the church for their validation
Trip Lee or T.I., Eminem or Braille
Put any above God? that sentiment will fail
on the real, believers worshipping rappers or preachers
Ain’t no different than the teenage girl worshipping Beiber either
So keep you eyes on christ or drown deeper
In an ocean of depravity, rapidly like your name was peter
Your choice, either sink or swim or stick to sin
Or choose Christ, the king is him!!!