Black Hoodie Rap (Single)


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On October 28th 2014, Trinidadian born & Brooklyn bred MC/lyricist/songwriter/vocalist/producer CONQUEST will release "BLACK HOODIE RAP", the official radio single & third release off his 6th studio album "Radical Thinking 2819" due November 11th 2014. Produced by his Midwest based production team known as BEAT COUNCIL, "Black Hoodie Rap" is what CONQUEST calls "Revolutionary Alternative Trap Muzik" with it's progressive take on the 'trap sound', it's 'NYC hip-hop meets Stadium Rock' feel & it's messaging that addresses the judgmental stereotypes or perceptions placed on upstanding & forward thinking people (including Christians) based on their style of dress that may have been inspired by hip-hop, rock or hipster culture. With outspoken lyricism delivered through double & triple time rhyming, "Black Hoodie Rap" was highly inspired by shooting death of Trayvon Martin & enforces the belief that God chooses to empower his people through the gifts & the purpose he gave them & not solely through their appearance.

(Verse 1)
What are you thinking when you look at me?
6'4, Black, had dreaded hair
What’s your conviction? Is it crook you see?
That puts your whole family in intensive care
Don't you see that I’m college educated?
And my conversation’s polished, entertaining?
Or do you see a criminal in True Religion Jeans
Who’s a shooter, nothing spiritual for superficial means
God forbid, I wear a hoodie, you might shoot me in the back
'Cause I got to be strapped right? Am I really that type?
Ignoring who I could be? Yeah, that truly is a fact
When I follow God to act right, I’m about that life
Yet my hoodie & Timbs are scrutinized
While some brother’s in a suit & tie from to 2 to five
Teaches after school sessions where he has kids molested
& it's not all about appearance & it's proven why…
Know it’s Famous, Crooks & Castles & it’s Stussy when I bought ‘em
I'm not into wearing flannel, it’s just hoodies in the Autumn
And I like ‘em black mostly, I don’t need to be assaulted
By some neighborhood watch that the court would be have exalted
So you know, only reason for parole?
I was put to death but freed by Jesus in my soul
Black hoodie rap's my version of church clothes
I kill all misconceptions with the verse though!!!

I know this is addictive, speakers are on blast
But to be specific, this is ain’t from the trap
No crack in this backpack, Yahweh leads my path
& I won’t be your Trayvon bringing these hoodies back
When I’m talking that
Black Hoodie Rap (4x)
Yeah, I’m talkin’ that
Black Hoodie Rap (x4)
This is that Black Hoodie Rap
This is my Black Hoodie stance
Whether it’s hipster, thugged out, rocker
I am more much more than that
This is that Black Hoodie rap
It's radical for God’s plan
This ain’t that Jewish vs. Gentile
This ain’t ‘bout race or class

(Verse 2)
This is a public service announcement
From Beat Council & Dreadlock Slimmm
Even in the club there’s a purpose about them
We ‘Follow the Leader’, don’t expect Rakim
Or even ‘Eric B. For President’
No comparison to a God that is excellent
My Propaganda in my lyrics’ where it’s evidenced
I could look gangsta but be a gentleman even in my sentiments
Even on this beat that got your speakers trembling
I could speak a word in your life for God to enter in
Am I too much of a rapper to be used like a reverend?
Well they thought that white boy couldn’t rap & now he’s Eminem
N.W.A’s in my ‘Roots’, gave me ‘Adrenaline’
But I became Jay, not Snoop. That was my preference
Black hoodie rap, though I got a different walk
Looking like I’m bumping Weezy when I listen to Bjork
And that’s even in New York
Know me well & know the opposite of everything you thought
Know me well & know the Christ I’m serving with my people
With tattoos & street dudes who barely dress GQ
God made me radical so that you could hear him
So judge me by this appearance
I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve & my art on my knees
For the harvest indeed with a heart that’s redeemed



released October 28, 2014

Written & performed by Jason Andre Roberts (CONQUEST) for SeanMessiahJaylahMusic (ASCAP) | Produced by BEAT COUNCIL for Beat Council Productions | All instrumentation & programming by BEAT COUNCIL | Recorded & mixed by Christopher "C.H.R.I.S." Thompson at Soundmynd Studios: Queens NY | Handclaps by CONQUEST, Robert Norfleet-Wiggins & Octavia Nickle | Additional mixing by Mike Irish at Shifted Recording Studio: Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY



all rights reserved



The 2012 album “Radical Departure” marks a new musical chapter for Brooklyn based, Trinidadian born emcee/songwriter CONQUEST as an artist & missionary musical evangelist. CONQUEST does unadulterated hip hop music that's mainly East Coast in style & influence with an alternative & soul influence that will be recognized as either ‘Christian hip hop' or 'progressive hip hop made by a Christian'. ... more

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